The Lycian Way

The Lycian Way
The Lycian Way

Sawsan and Petra

Sawsan and Petra
Sawsan and Petra trip planning in Newport RI

Saturday, October 1, 2016

The Ladders and other interesting wooden structures of the Lycian Way

 Kayakoy, beautiful wooden furniture in a restaurant called Roots. It was closed when we walked by it on our way to the ghost town, since the owner was organizing a music festival and was quite frazzled when we met him.

Approaching a tea shop on a farm on the way from Ovacik to Faralya.

With more rustic furniture. We had delicious caj, served by a young woman as she was tending her one year old little girl who had just learnt to walk. 

A pile of sticks......on the way to Faralya.

A disused beehive under a grapevine on the way to Faralya.

The "kush" at George's house in Faralaya, turned out to be our favourite way of sitting.

Cabanas built on the rocks at Arktas beach.

Tree trunk cross sections used for a patio on the way to Kabak.

A shelter built into the mountainside at Kabak.

Perfecting the art of the selfie on the Likya yolu.

Day1. Istanbul.

Day 2. Olu Deniz

Day 3. Ovacik.

Day 4. Aktas 

Day 5. Kabak

Day 6. Gey

Day 7. Patara beach.

Day 8. Selfie Rest Day. Roman Aquaduct.

Day 9. Uzumulu Another Selfie Rest Day, Paul our guide took photos.

Day 10. Gokceoren.

Day 11. Phellos.

Day12. Greek island of Meis.

Day 13. Coban Plaji.

Day 14. Musa Dagi.

Day 15. Adrasan 

Day 16. On the way to Cirali.

Day 17. Cirali.

Day 18. On the way to Beycik.

Day 19. Almost at the Saddle of Tahtali Dagi.

Day 20. Gedeleme

Day 21. Antalaya.

Tourists in Antalya

The old town is so beautiful and charming.
A wall of plants.
We followed the yellow brick path.
And a tourist map not to scale.
Mosaic made from beach pebbles.
Can you believe we missed this happy hour.
The three arches, is a favorite spot for selfies and wedding photographs.
Two weddings.

Tea delivery.
At Hadrian's Gate to the city.
Hmmmm a textile store.
Fresh olives to cure.

Friday, September 30, 2016

Arriving in Antalaya

It was a shock to be in the city after all the time in the mountains of Lycia and small villages.
Our hotel was in the old town, Kelici, very charming.

With a small swimming pool in the courtyard.
The entrance in a little alley.
We had a posh dinner on Thursday night at a restaurant overlooking the sea.
On Friday we explored old town and visited the archeological museum.